Q: How do you clean the blinds?

A: With a soft brush. To remove marks or stains use a damp cloth.


Q: How do you hang the blinds?

A: Instructions are included in the kit.In addition, instructions can be found on our website in the “how to measure”section. If you have any further questions, you may call our customer support.


Q: Can the blinds be attached to the wall?

A: Yes, there are brackets and clips in the assembly kit, please see video for details.


Q: Can the blinds be attached to the ceiling?

A: Yes, the clips can be attached directly to the ceiling (for ceiling installation there is no need for the brackets).


Q: The size of my window is smaller than the standard sizes you offer, what should I do?

A: There are two options:
1) Some rooms can benefit from wider blinds. You could opt for a size that is larger than your window, which can be an elegant design feature for some spaces.

2) There is also an option of narrowing the standard blinds according to your needs and specifications. Remember, the length of the blind can always be adjusted.


Q: Is it possible to change the side of the roller cord?

A: Yes, let us know as you place your order.


Q: If my window is less than 183cm in height, what blind would suit my needs?

A: Our standard 183cm height is the maximum length of the blind, anything less can be adjusted by the user. The extra material remains out of sight within the aluminum cassette.


Q: If my window is wider than the widest standard option, what do you recommend?

A: You can adjust 2 smaller blinds and hang them next to each other to get the same effect as one big blind, as we illustrate on the big window in the video. For example, if your window is 74″ (w) X 65″ (h) then you can order two blinds of 39″ (w) X 72″ (h). Then you should hang them next to each other outside your window’s mount. You will have 2 inches of extra fabric material on each side. This will provide you better light filtering and privacy effects.