Our New Zebra Blinds Are Now Available

Zebra Blinds

Whether you’re updating your own child’s room, or doing it as a job for someone

else, we’ve got you covered! Or, should we say, we’ve got those windows covered!

We’ve launched a brand-new blinds collection and we’re sure you’re
going to love it! It combines a playful design with practical factors such as UV

We’ve got a wide variety and we’re sure that you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re
looking for!


Why should I choose blinds?

This is a great question. It really does depend on taste and the overall look that you
want to go for in your home.

So, let’s have a quick definition of the options out there so that we’re all on the same
window page. Blinds are usually described as hard window coverings, even though
some are made with a soft medium. They usually consist of slats that move up and
down, or open and close, to let in more different amounts of light. Shades, however, are known as
soft window coverings and are made of soft material. They can also be moved up and
down. We all know what curtains are, and how beautifully they have evolved over the

However, if you have children or if you’re designing a room for kids, you know that
convenience is key and the bottom line is that blinds are just more convenient! Not
only are they more affordable, they add a gorgeous and clean look to any space.
Speaking of clean, did we mention that they’re really easy to keep clean? This is a
great benefit in any child’s room!

There are plenty of different options out there. These include roman blinds,
honeycomb blinds and roller blinds to name a few. Then we move onto which
material to get. How about wood? Perhaps polymer? You would then need to decide
on what color to get! The possibilities are seemingly endless!

So, based on the above, we know that the prospect of choosing the right blind for a
child’s room can be a daunting one. That’s why we’ve made things so much easier
for you! Our awesome new range of kids’ zebra blinds is the answer to your
window covering dilemma! We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the rights blinds
and have instead come up with the perfect solution!


Why zebra blinds?

You may have heard this term in the window covering world, but what exactly are
zebra blinds? If it helps, they’re also known as duo blinds, light-filtering blinds or
transitional shades. They basically allow you to have complete control as to how
much light you want in the room! The have horizontal slats in alternating dark and
light, or sheer, fabric, hence the term zebra blinds. These blinds can be adjusted to
provide a full black-out effect, or instead can be adjusted to let in as much light as
you need. Say hello to privacy on your terms!

If you like the sound of that, then you’ll love our wide range on offer! They look
fantastic in any room of the house, but with our new collection for kids, you won’t be
able to stop yourself from getting them for your little one!

One of the many reasons that they’re perfect for a child’s room is that they offer
darkness and privacy at night to aid in a good night’s sleep and as we all know, a
well-rested little person is a happy little person! We also know that happy little people
make happy parents!

These blinds also offer a high level of UV protection for your precious bundles of joy
and will protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.


What are some of the benefits?

If you’re looking for a great child-friendly option, then zebra blinds are definitely the
way to go! These blinds can be adjusted in such a way that they still let in plenty of
light even though they appear to be closed. However, because the blinds are
essentially closed to the outside elements, they won’t let in any exterior dirt, bugs
and moisture. This will really help in keeping those kids healthy and happy! Also,
even if they’re closed, kids will still be able to have a great view of the outside
through the translucent material. However, outsiders won’t be able to see inside the
room! This high level of privacy is essential in keeping your kids safe. Most of the
collection also comes with a child safety option for added security.

Because most of the direct sunlight is diffused through the sheer slats of the blind,
your child’s room won’t get too hot. This will ensure that they have a comfortable
indoor temperature, which in turn will result in hours of fun spent playing in their

While on the subject of diffused lighting, let’s briefly touch on keeping the existing
furniture in the room in tip-top condition. Because no direct, and harmful, sunlight is
entering the room, there won’t be any sun damage to your child’s other furniture,
floors, upholstery and toys. So, not only will your child’s room look gorgeous, you’ll
save some spare cash as you won’t have to replace any items as a result of sun

Another great benefit of this option is that these blinds are really easy to clean. After
you’ve cleaned them, you can simply give them a quick onceover with the iron if you
want to and you’re good to go!

As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to install these blinds in your
child’s bedroom!


How do I know which one to get?

This really depends on the color and style of the room that you are updating, and
also on the size of the window. We have one of the widest ranges of kids’ zebra
blinds in the area so we know that you’ll find the perfect one for your little one! So
why not have a look at our great new collection and decide for yourself!

Installation is easy so your kid’s room will be looking fabulous in no time!

So, to recap, blinds are really the best option in any kid’s room and our great new
collection of zebra blinds are perfect! They offer privacy, light control and are easy to
keep clean. These are just some of the many reasons to check out our fantastic new
collection! It’s never been easier to keep your kid happy!

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