The Benefits of Blinds and Shades

Blinds and shades

Curtains are great, they really are. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and are classy and elegant. However – they’re also quite expensive. What if your home could still be stylish and sophisticated without curtains? What if there was an affordable option out there that offers an even wider variety of choices? There is!

Blinds and shades offer it all and so much more!

Before we start listing all of the many benefits of discarding those curtains, let’s first go through some simple terms. Some people think that blinds and shades are one and the same, but they’re so different! Blinds consist of many slats that can open or close, while shades are a complete solid piece of soft material. Both options can be adjusted to be completely closed or completely opened.

Updating the window coverings in your home is an instant, affordable and dramatic makeover. It can basically tie the whole room together and, if complemented with your other design choices, can be quite amazing!

Choosing either option will be based, among other things, on your taste, preference and budget of course. In most cases, either option can be cut to order so your window size shouldn’t be an issue.

Let’s take a more detailed look at what other factors to consider before making your choice.


First things first, what options are there?

Let’s start with the blinds family first, and what a big family it is! There are many different types out there so let’s get to know the most common window blinds.

Honeycomb or cellular blinds come in a wide range of colors and are made of cloth- like material. They can work in most rooms as they can slide downwards or move upwards.

As the name suggests, roller blinds use a roller mechanism to move up and down. They also come in a variety of color options to suit any room!

Zebra blinds are becoming increasingly popular as they’re basically a two-for- one option. They’re made by alternating lines of dark and translucent material, which is perfect for controlling the amount of light entering rooms. This is a great option for bedrooms as you’ll be able to completely block out any outside light.

You’ll also be spoiled for choice if you opt to have shades for your windowsRoman shades are a really popular option. They can roll up accordion style and are an elegant option for any room. However, because they’re made of fabric like most shades, you may need to spend some extra time cleaning and maintaining them.

Roller shades are also really beautiful and like their blind counterparts, they use a roller system to open and close. This is a great option for large open spaces as they can be quite dramatic, and are also great for diffusing harsh sunlight and UV rays.

Which window coverings are best for me?

A good place to start would be outlining what the room is actually functioning as. For example, blinds or shades that are perfect for the bedroom may not work well in the kitchen and bathroom due to excessive moisture.

Blinds do, however, usually work well in bathrooms and kitchens, but they need to be made of easy-to-clean material. Vinyl blinds are a great option!

As mentioned previously, zebra blinds would be a great option for bedrooms as
they’ll allow you to completely block out any outside light so that you and your family
can have a restful and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Wooden, or faux wooden, blinds or roman shades are great for larger windows that
let in plenty of natural light. Depending on the design, they can also be a real eye-
catching centerpiece in the room!

As you can see, there are plenty of beautiful and viable options out there. It really
depends on what you like and what atmosphere you want to create in your home.


What else should I be looking at?

It’s always great when your window coverings are aesthetically pleasing. However,
you need to ensure that they’re also functional. If light intensity is a factor for you,
you need to make sure that the blinds or shades that you choose have a block-out
function. This is obviously very important in bedrooms, as previously

Finding the right material and color is up to you. You would however need to ensure
that it matches the rest of the room’s color palette. Muted and natural tones work
well. It’s also a good idea to have the color of the blinds match the color of the
window frame to have some design consistency in the room. Also, you may want to
change your summer interior décor when the cold winds start blowing. The last
thing you’d want to do is search for a warmer winter color shade for your blinds.
Neutral shades should last you for all seasons.

A factor that is sometimes overlooked is child safety. If you’re installing new blinds in
your child’s room, you need to ensure that they have a spring mechanism and not a
cord. It may also be a good idea to install child-friendly blinds in family rooms and
play areas.

Once you’ve made your final decision on the type and color of your new window
frames, you need to decide how it will be fitted. One option is to have it mounted on
the inside of your window frame. This will give the space a clean and sophisticated
look. You could also have it mounted outside the frame area, which is a good
choice as well. What you decide on may be based on personal preference but it will affect
the overall look of the space as well as how much direct light will filter through into
the room.

Let’s do a quick recap. Most of what you decide will be based on your taste and flair
for design but there are a few things to remember. Be clear on the material and color
that you want. Remember to keep in mind that these window coverings should flow
into each season and shouldn’t need to be changed every few months. You also
need to decide if it will work with the main function of the room.

We know that you’ll find the right option for you, and we know that your new blinds or
shades will help turn your house into a home!


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  1. Alexander Skarsgard says:

    Extremely Informative Written! Blinds and Shades have their own benefits. Thank you so much!!

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