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Which Blinds Are Right for You?

roller blinds

Though it may not seem very important at the time, choosing the right type of blinds is very important. This can be affected by where the blinds are being installed: home, office, living room, dining room etc. Sometimes, blinds aren’t even the right option at all and getting some curtains to match your room style is the better option.

With all the different options available, it becomes important to know which ones are right for your purpose. To do this, there are three major considerations: price, style and utility. Price is simple to measure or have a concrete value. Style is a bit more complicated, but it is still somewhat easy to tell whether or not an option fits within your taste. Finally, utility in this case simply measures how well the blinds block out sunlight.

The Choices

There is a plethora of different blind and curtain options available on the market, but how do you decide which one of them is right for you? As indicated above, price, style and utility are the way to go about this. Curtains are one classic choice for sunlight blockage, but they fall out instantly for two reasons. First, they don’t fit well into any modern design style. Second, they are very expensive. With both of these considered, they instantly lose on two of the three choice requirements.

Traditional blinds are an option, but they also fall short. First, they are cheap, but their cheap price tag comes with a plethora of issues. Second, they are very much outdated in their style, looking like they belong in a house from a few decades ago. Finally, they do a poor job at blocking out sunlight.

With all this considered, it is only reasonable that the most sensible option would be the roller shade technology.

Zebra Blinds

The roller shade technology offered by roller zebra blinds is the only real innovation in blinds in more than a decade. Unlike normal blinds, these offer a dual color scheme that not only looks nice, but also provides superior sun blockage. But, before declaring them the obvious winner, examine the three criteria. First, they are inexpensive; most stores sell them at about $180 a window. Second, they certainly fit in with most modern styles, offering a great and simplistic look. Finally, they offer better sun protection than anything short of storm shutters. With all things considered, this makes Zebra Blinds the easy choice for most modern homes.

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